Fishery rules

Foremark Fishery Rules – 12 April 2021

COVID Version – Please Observe Social Distancing (2m).

Please move at least 15m after an hours fishing, as fish maybe bunched, to give everyone a fair chance.

Rod numbers may be limited dependent on conditions or boat angling restricted in high winds.

Guests are reminded to comply with the prevailing COVID-19 rules for travel and fishing.

Thank you for choosing to fish with us, please read the rules below. Note these may change as the COVID situation changes. The current version will always be posted in the Fishing Lodge window.

Our mission is to keep this fishery open for fishing for guests. We are only intending covering costs of running this site and any surplus will be invested in more fish. We also allow pike fishing so please ask and we may permit anglers known to the fishery to coarse fish in specified places.

  1. Use nitrile gloves to open and close the access gate. Please ring for current lock code. We will disinfect the gate start of day and end of day.
  2. 2m social distance to be observed around the lodge, one person at a time in the lodge.
  3. Please sanitise your hands on entry to the lodge, dispenser is in the foyer.
  4. Permit costs are exact ‘paper’ money, bank transfer or contactless payment.
  5. £25 catching up to 12 fish, any 3 fish take (C&R 9 fish).
  6. £20 for catching up to 11 fish, any 2 fish take (C&R 9 fish).
  7. £15 for catching up to 10 fish, any 1 fish take, (C&R 9 fish) – any six hours ticket.
  8. Under 16s may share a rod..

Return all brown trout regardless of size and please return all trout over 4lbs (21″ length) to give others a chance to catch them.

    9. Fishery opens at 0800, fishing 0830-1800, or sunset. Wednesday to Sunday, maybe varied for pre-booked groups.

    10. Maximum hook size is 25mm, fly (3 maximum) or lure length 50mm barbless only for trout.

    11. Pike spinning minimum lure length is 150mm (6″).

    12. Rubberised landing nets preferred. Please unhook fish to be returned in the water.

    13. Fishing from the pontoon is permitted for two, one each end, (you must use your own life jacket for now unless a boat is not on the water and one is spare).

    14. Catch returns to be reported to fishery staff on completion for entry in the book by fishery staff and booking off site. This must be done, or you may get locked in.

    15. The universal access toilet will be open, please sanitise on the way in and way out.

If in doubt, please ask so we can help you.