Foremark Reservoir

Foremark Reservoir

Foremark is a 230 acre supplied with water from the River Dove. The reservoir is close to the historic town of Repton. The water is up to 100 foot deep in places and has a wide range of depths to fish including some attractive bays including the Cascade inlet itself. We stock the reservoir with Rainbows, browns and blues and there are also resident pike, perch and other coarse fish species including barbel and chub. Sometimes the chub, which run to around 3lb, also take the fly. If it lives in the River Dove its highly likely its also in the reservoir. Fishing is available from the bank, pontoon and boats offering opportunities for anglers of all abilities. The season tends to start and finish with the fish closer to the banks giving the bank angler the edge at these times but as summer sets in the fish tend to move towards the deeper water. The aerators offer opportunity for bigger than usual fish with 5lb-8lb fish frequently caught. The water has a wide range of food sources with terrestrials in Carvers arm as well as shallower areas where buzzers can work. There are some mayfly sedges and the fishery does experience some heavy flying ant hatches and as many waters autumn fry feeding.


Best trout 8lb 8oz rainbow in 2020. Historically 10-12lb trout have been caught. Biggest trout lost estimated at 18lb. Biggest pike 20lb, but bigger known to be in the water.


Small flies such as Diawl Bach, bibio and buzzers can do well. The ubiquitous blobs also work well too. Flies that are working should be available in the lodge to purchase. The trout tend to be near the edges early season moving out as the weather warms up. Some Mayfly are present. Cascade and the boils (aerator) are the usual hot spots for trout in the summer. Boat anglers should not dismiss a straight forward drift over the main basin. There maybe a chance of a barbel or chub on the fly, especially at cascade. The pike tend to be down Carvers arm but can be found anywhere, sometimes basking under the pontoons. Similarly perch can be anywhere and historically some substantial specimens have been caught. It is best to ask the Fishery Manager for the latest guidance.

Please familiarise yourself with our rules before you fish

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